Concerning Him authors consist of Emmaus Bible College faculty, staff, alumni, students, and friends. Many have contributed and we are thankful to them all for their hard work.

Dave Glock

David Anderson is a pastor/elder at Littleton Bible Chapel in Littleton, CO where he lives with his wife and three kids. David also serves Biblical Eldership Resources in many areas, including hosting their new podcast.

Dr. David MacLeod received both a Th.M. in New Testament Literature and Exegesis and a Ph.D. in Systematic Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. Since 1983 he has taught Biblical Studies and Theology at Emmaus Bible College.

Elisa Cooper

Elisa Cooper is the Chair of the Music Department at Emmaus Bible College, and has been teaching since 2005. She holds degrees from Wheaton College and Indiana University. Elisa participates actively in the Dubuque community by singing in the Dubuque Chorale (community chorus) and performing as a pianist with other musicians.

Erik is the Director of Communications and Engagement at Emmaus Bible College. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Theology from Union Theological College in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Hallie Signer is a senior at Emmaus Bible College and is currently on track to graduate with a degree in both Communications and Bible.

Dr. Jack Fish has taught Biblical studies and Biblical languages at Emmaus since 1969. After earning a B.A. in linguistics from Brown University he went on to Dallas Theological Seminary where he earned a Th. M. in Semitics and Old Testament and a Th. D. in New Testament Literature and Exegesis.

Janelle Routley
EDL Student Services Advocate at Emmaus Bible College

Janelle currently serves as the Student Services Advocate for Emmaus Distance Learning. She previously served full-time in several positions in the Student Services Department at Emmaus Bible College, finishing as the Associate Dean for Student Development. She has a Master of Education in College Student Affairs from Azusa Pacific University. She currently enjoys working part-time from home and raising her two children with her husband.

Jeff Riley is the chair of the Educational Ministries Department at Emmaus Bible College and actively engaged in the spiritual development and ministry education of students as a full-time faculty member.