Jesus, I'll be Your Jawbone

I’d like to be like Samson. I hope I fail less spectacularly. And I’d really like to
keep both my eyes. By God’s grace I’d like to be less selfish. However, Samson
is one of many biblical characters who pictures our feeble faith. God’s word tells
me to follow good examples who follow Christ (1 Cor. 11:1). In so many ways,
Samson is everything Jesus is not. Samson was self-important, Jesus is humble.
Samson was self-indulgent, Jesus is selfless. Samson was blind, Jesus is the light
of the world. So why would I want to be like Samson?

Before the Philistines blind him, Samson is blind to the true source of his strength.
He lived for himself, turning the eyes of his fellow Israelites to his own power
instead of turning their eyes to the one who has all power. The root of Samson’s
sin was pride. He believed that his strength was his own. How many times have
I taken credit for the work God performed in me? How many times have I said,
“I will go out as at other times and shake myself free” (Judg. 16:20) because I
considered my ability my own. Father, forgive me.

After he’s humbled and blinded and captured, then he starts to see. At the end
of his life, Samson is used by God to defeat the enemies of Israel. He dies because
he gives himself up for the sake of God’s people, destroying the leaders of God’s
enemies. Now I’m seeing Jesus. On the cross Christ gave himself up to defeat
sin and death, leaving Satan’s house in ruins. Principalities and authorities were
crushed by his self-sacrifice.

I want to be like Samson because God’s grace flowed through him. It sure seems
like Samson was a broken instrument. But God redeems, restores, and
repurposes broken instruments like Samson.
God doesn’t need perfect
tools. He uses the weak and foolish things of the world so that his glory shines
brightly (1 Cor. 1:27, 12:9). Just like Samson could dispatch the Philistines
with a jaw-bone, God could defeat the Philistines with Samson. God’s grace
flowed through this flawed man. That’s how I want to be like Samson.

By God’s grace I’d like to ask over and over for God’s grace “once more” to do
His work for the benefit of His children. Unlike Samson, I’d like God’s grace to
work in me so that I see all my toil is through God’s energy which he powerfully
work within me (Col 1:29), and not claim it as my own. The power which God
provides was bought by Jesus at the cross when he died instead of me. He
forgave my selfishness, which looks a lot like Samson’s, and furnished me with
power to perform his purpose. All glory be to Christ!

Nathan Colestock

Nathan Colestock is an alumnus of Emmaus Bible College and a current MDIV student at Bethlehem College and Seminary. He also enjoys serving on staff at Meadow Creek Church in Andover, MN pastoring youth and families. He is the lucky husband of Maddie and a father to his two adorable daughters.
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