Why Study Brethren History?

Historian Dr. Tim Grass of Spurgeon College London joins Erik on the Concerning Him podcast to discuss why Christians should study church history and what they can learn specifically from Brethren history.

Dr. Grass's F.F. Bruce Biography - https://www.eerdmans.com/Products/6723/f-f-bruce.aspx
To purchase "Gathering to His Name" or "The Brethren and their Buildings" please visit this link - https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=TZRMyHZwKEqg0MUFCrlOiOFHOjlXG8RBheF4fzGacNFUNEg4WjBBTE1QUjZLNkoyWEVJOURVTktINy4u

The Brethren Archivists and Historians Network - https://www.brethrenhistory.org/


Erik Rasmussen

Erik is the Director of Communications and Engagement at Emmaus Bible College. He serves as the General Editor for the Concerning Him blog and as the host of the Concerning Him podcast. He is currently pursuing a Masters of Theology from Union Theological College in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Twitter: @erikrazz
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